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  • Save 4% on all packages and deals

  • Tailor the perfect holiday experience

  • The world's most successful transatlantic tour operator

  • Discover hundreds of destinations worldwide

Benefit info

Virgin Holidays are the world's largest and most successful transatlantic tour operators. More than that though, they also offer bespoke all-inclusive holidays and package deals to destinations all around the world, including New Zealand, the Caribbean, Asia and the Far East.

As a member benefits premium member, you can save 4% on a Virgin gift card, which you can then use to buy any Virgin Holiday.

How does it work?

When you buy your Virgin gift card, we'll give you 4% off whatever you pay. That means you could get a gift card for £1000 and only pay £960. You'll then have £1000 to spend on any holiday you like.

You can buy a gift card for any amount up to £2000, but you can buy as many cards as you want, so there's no limit on your savings.

You can read all FAQs for Virgin gift cards by clicking here.

What's included:

  • 4% off Virgin gift cards

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