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  • Get 25% off at Looking4Parking*

  • Find parking at UK airports

  • Compare pricing from major brands

  • The most secure carparks available

Benefit info

Looking4Parking is the UK's leading airport parking comparison website. They work with major brands at UK airports to bring you nationwide low cost parking.

As a member benefits premium member, you'll save 25% on every booking*. Just redeem now to browse locations and see how much you could save.

How much could you save?

You can compare prices from loads of major brands with Looking4Parking, so you're sure to find a good deal. We went and found quotes for three of the UK's largest airports for 1st April to 7th April 2016…


Was: £34.99

You pay: £26.25


Was: £84.95

You pay: £63.71


Was: £21.00

You pay: £15.75

Looking4Parking work with some of the most secure carparks around, so you can travel with peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is safe. Plus, if you're looking for a touch of class, they also have ‘Meet & Greet' and ‘Park & Ride' services available for many locations.

*Looking4Parking do not offer a discount at the following smaller airports: Belfast International, Belfast City, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Cardiff, Glasgow Prestwick, Durham Tees Valley, Humberside, Dublin, Shannon.

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