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9% Savings at Caffè Nero


  • Save 9% on everything from Caffè Nero with a top up card

  • Includes food and drink - anything in-store

  • Reload your card when it runs low

  • Works with any existing discounts

Benefit info

Fancy a coffee? How about a muffin? You can save 9% on everything from the Italian coffee shop chain Caffè Nero with a top up card.

When we say everything in-store, we mean everything in-store. Pop in for a quick coffee fix, or stick around for a bite to eat. Whatever you fancy, you'll be saving with your top up card.

How do top up cards work?

When you order your card, we'll ask you to load it with some money. Your discount is applied when you top up. Load £100 and you'll only pay £91.

Spend your top up card just like you would a normal gift card. It'll work with any other existing discounts.

You can reload your cards through My account. Remember: always top up with member benefits premium to get your discount. Balances can take 2 - 4 working days to update.

Checking your balance: click here to check your balance.

Delivery: your card will be delivered to the address we have on record within 4 working days.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This gift card can be used in UK participating stores in full or part payment of products subject to the in-store technology.
  2. This gift card cannot be redeemed for cash and no change will be given if the value of purchases is less than the value on this gift card.
  3. This gift card should be treated as cash. Caffe Nero is unable to refund or replace lost, stolen or destroyed gift cards.
  4. Please note, your gift card will have a specific expiry date from the date of purchase. For further detail on specific expiry dates, please speak to one of our Customer Happiness representatives at
  5. Please visit to check your card balance and to see full terms and conditions including cancellation policy.


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