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Capital Physio, 15%, physiotherapy, injury, pain


  • Save 15% on all bookings from Capital Physio

  • Locations across London, Manchester, Birmingham and Cambridge

  • Fully-qualified chartered physiotherapists

  • 97% of customers seen within 24 hours of booking

Benefit info

Suffering from a sports injury or painful illness is no fun, but a good physiotherapy session can relieve you of some the pain and help you take back control.

As a member benefits premium member, you'll get 15% off every physiotherapy appointment you make when you book using your membership.

What's cracking?

Capital Physio have private clinics located across major UK cities, including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Cambridge. Plus, with 97% of customers being seen within 24 hours of booking an appointment, they deliver gold-standard treatments, without keeping you waiting around.

Capital Physio's therapists provide a wide range of treatments to cover a variety of injuries and illnesses, including neck and back pain, sports injuries, whiplash, arthritis, joint pain and more.

To book an appointment with your exclusive member benefits premium 15% discount, click ‘redeem' and follow the instructions.

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