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  • Get corporate membership rates at Nuffield Health

  • Save 10% on membership 

  • Free health MOT when you join

  • Access Nuffield Health gyms across the UK

Benefit info

No other health club takes your fitness as seriously as Nuffield Health. Every membership includes a free health MOT to assess which areas you can improve on, plus personalised exercise programmes to help you achieve your goals.

As a member benefits premium member, you can save 10% on Nuffield Health membership with Incorpore's best corporate rates.

Break a sweat, not the bank

It doesn't matter if you're a fitness fanatic or you're just taking that first step towards a healthier lifestyle, you can get huge savings at both leading gym chains and independent health clubs all around the UK.

Better yet, you'll pay either a significantly discounted joining fee or no fee at all when you sign-up to a Nuffield Health club near you. 


I'm already a Nuffield Health member. Can I still get a discount?

Many participating gyms will allow existing members to transfer to Incorpore membership rates at no extra cost, so long as you're already paying by Direct Debit.

Please note that discounts may be available exclusively to new members at a small number of venues. Please consult the Incorpore website for more information.

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