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  • Sign up to a plan, then download the app. That's it.

  • No card reader. No merchant account. No contract.

  • A small fee is charged per transaction. Add it to the bill, add half of it to the bill, or pay it yourself. Secure payments.

  • Card details are never stored on your smartphone.

  • Easily produce invoices and quotes, send straight to the customer. Cashflow control - see money owed and paid.

Benefit info

Save money when you sign up to SmartTrade App and start taking debit or credit card payments today. All you need is a smartphone and a 3G connection - there's no expensive readers or merchant accounts to worry about. Don't miss out on lost cash, and say goodbye to chasing payments.

As a Rated People member you get a special discount for a monthly plan:

Sole trader 30-day, risk-free trial

  • Pay 1.9% +20p per transaction, instead of 2.15% + 20p.
  • No payment details required for the trial.
  • Ideal for sole traders.

If you've got up to 15 employees or contractors, you can upgrade to a business account where each of them can take payments on their own phones. You'll get a better transaction fee too. Find out more here about the deal you can get.

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