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WeSwap, £15 free credit, swap money


  • Free £15 credit with every £50 top-up

  • Spend anywhere MasterCard is accepted

  • Swap money with other travellers, at great rates

  • Any leftover money stays on your card

Benefit info

WeSwap are helping travellers to help each other by supporting money swaps in 18 currencies, worldwide. As a member benefits premium member, you can get £15 free credit on your first top-up of £50 or more.

How does it work?

1. When you join WeSwap, you'll get a WeSwap card, which you can top up securely using your debit card or online account.

2. Download the WeSwap smartphone app and choose your currency. WeSwap will trade your money with other travellers, making sure everyone gets the best rate.

3. Congratulations! Your card now holds a new currency. Take it on your travels and use it wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Be a citizen of the world

Think of your WeSwap card as a kind of passport. Swap between 18 currencies and make purchases in countries worldwide - your card will automatically use the right one.


What if there's money left on my card after my trip?

Any leftover money will stay safely on your card. You can swap it to another currency at anytime, or swap it back and use it at home - at no extra charge.

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