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  • Top app makes saving & budgeting fun & easy

  • Three months free access, then 25% off for life

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  • All Squirrel accounts are regulated by the FCA

Benefit info

member benefits premium members can get three months free access to Squirrel - the app that helps you save (normally £3.99 per month). After your six free months, you'll receive a 25% discount on the regular monthly fee.

When you set up your Squirrel account, you will be asked to plan out your upcoming expenses, as well as your saving goals. This could be money for a holiday, a deposit for a new place or whatever excites you. 

Squirrel is simply a bank account in your name - controlled by an app that makes it easy to budget your money - and build healthy savings habits.

Each month as your salary gets paid into the app, three things happen:

  • Your savings money gets kept safe inside your savings goals - where you see them grow towards completion.

  • Your bill money is kept safe, then paid out to your current account the day before your bills are due - so there's no need to ever have to worry about accidentally spending bill money!

  • Your spending money goes into your current account as normal - for fun and spending. (You can even request to break this down into weekly amounts if you find it easier to budget for a week!)

As a member benefits premium member, you can enjoy Squirrel absolutely free for three months (normally £3.99 per month). If you continue to use Squirrel after three months, you pay as normal, but with 25% off the regular price. That's only £2.59 per month to be awesome with money!

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