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  • Save 30% on yearly Blinkist subscriptions for life

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  • Read or listen to insightful summaries of the best nonfiction books 

  • Learn on the go with apps for Apple and Android phones, as well as the Kindle Fire

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Everyone can benefit from the wisdom of leading nonfiction writers, yet few of us have the time to commit to entire books. member benefits premium members can read insightful summaries of the world's best nonfiction titles with a free 60-day Blinkist trial, plus 30% off Blinkist subscriptions for life. 

Blink and you'll love it 

Blinkist have read and ‘blinked' over 1,000 titles. That means they've taken the most important bits of each book and compressed them into 200-300 word summaries that you can read in about 3 minutes, just like a news digest. You can also access audio versions of selected summaries.

Knowledge is power

Whether you want to learn about entrepreneurship, history, psychology or politics, Blinkist's smartphone app empowers you to make the most of every free moment.  

Got a big meeting coming up? Turn your morning commute into a class on the art of pitching with the Blinkist smartphone app. In need of inspiration at the office? Brush up on some expert motivational techniques from the comfort of your desk. 

Please note that your discount will not work if you purchase your subscription through the iOS or Android apps. 

What's included:

  • 60 day Blinkist free trial

  • 30% off a Blinkist subscription


What devices can I enjoy Blinkist on?

In addition to Blinkist's desktop web app, you can learn on the go with apps for Apple and Android phones, as well as the Kindle Fire. Sign up with the same account to sync all your content across multiple devices. 

How do I get started?

Simply redeem this offer and you'll be directed to the Blinkist website. You can then start your free trial or start saving 30% on your yearly Blinkist subscriptions right away. 

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