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  • Enjoy free access to Smart Pension's standard service

  • Get your business compliant in minutes with Smart Pension's simple software

  • Employees' funds invested in secure Legal & General Funds

  • All pensions managed by the world's largest independent fund administrator

Benefit info

Since October 2012 every UK employer must ensure certain employees are enrolled in a pension scheme. This process will continue to roll out until early 2018. Failure to do this on time could result in a fine for your business, so finding a way to simplify the whole process could help relieve some of that stress.

Smart Pension provides you with easy online tools to get your business set-up, and make managing your auto enrolment programme easy. They even have a five star Defaqto rating for auto enrolment. Sign up today and you could get your business compliant in minutes. 

As a member benefits premium member, you won't have to pay any upfront or ongoing fees to use Smart Pension's standard service. Keep on top of your workplace pensions with these great features:

  • Fast, secure and free auto enrolment

  • Next to no administration

  • Pension funds managed by FCA regulated investment experts

  • Advanced payroll integrations

  • Assess staff and generate employee communications in seconds

  • Generate your own employee education video with your company logo

Problem-free pensions

All pension funds are securely administered by Apex Fund Services, the world's largest independent fund administrator. The Smart Pension platform is also 100% encrypted, and features best in class security. 

Employee's funds are invested securely with Legal & General Funds.

Sign your business up to Smart Pension for free today, and you can ensure you're complying with your legal duties as an employer in under an hour. 

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