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  • CV database - seven day free trial

  • 20% off all CV-Library plans

  • More fresh CVs than any other database

  • CV Watchdogs - set alerts for key candidates

  • Eligibility will be confirmed upon registration.

  • New Business Only. Not available for businesses that have had a trial in the last 3 months.

Benefit info

Looking for a new employee? CV-Library makes finding the best candidates for your business easier than ever.

Just search CV-Library's huge database of CVs according to your needs. You can even set alerts for specific skills, if the candidate you're looking for hasn't arrived yet.

We're giving you a week's free trial, plus 20% off all plans (including job ads), if you like what you see.

The ideal candidate

Finding the perfect employee can be difficult, but CV-Library makes things simple. Just tell them the skills and experience you're looking for, then browse their huge library of CVs.

You'll find over 13 million candidates in total - with an industry-leading number of fresh CVs (316,000 new and updated each month).

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, use CV Watchdogs to keep an eye out for the skills you need. You'll be alerted the moment a relevant CV gets uploaded to the database.

Post your own ad

Want candidates queuing up round the corner? Upload your own job ad to CV-Library and it'll get shared across a whopping 800+ websites.

With 16 million searches and 3 million applications every month, you're sure to attract the best talent to your business.

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